The Washington Artillery Benevolent Association


   The Washington Artillery Benevolent Association was formed in 2008 as a 501 ( c ) 3 nonprofit corporation exclusively for charitable, educational, and literary purposes. The purpose of WABA is to perpetuate and disseminate the history and traditions of the Washington Artillery of New Orleans and to collect documents and artifacts relating to the unit.

   This organization currently funds the web site www.washingtonartillery.com but will soon publish a new book, The Origin of the Confederate Battle Flag.  These endeavors will provide a wealth of previously unpublished information on the Washington Artillery. WABA invites the guests of www.washingtonartillery.com  to enjoy this web site's free historical and research data.

   However, these ventures could not have been fulfilled without the proper investment of time and money. Both the incorporation of the organization and its initial projects were accomplished through volunteer work and donations. Since the introduction of the internet web site on the history of the Washington Artillery in 2006, over four million guests have visited the web site. If a one dollar donation had been given by each guest visiting the site, WABA would have an incredible endowment for future charitable, educational and literary projects. 

  Donations to this organization are tax deductible and will help maintain its web sites as well as future charitable, educational and literary projects that benefit Memorial Hall Civil War Museum in New Orleans and the active battalion of the Louisiana National Guard, the 141st Field Artillery, Washington Artillery of New Orleans.

  Please consider a donation to this organization by clicking on the donate button here or on the home page.