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Legends are built on fact. And so it is with one such military legend born in New Orleans and known today as the Battalion Washington Artillery. Created by need, strengthened by duty, and perpetuated by pride, it boasts a tradition of fighting men, and now women, gallantly revered throughout the nation and abroad. This honor lay not on some mythical legend, but one whose battle honors read like a synopsis of American military history. Its humble trail of heritage originated around the same time as the city for which it serves and has evolved into a renowned military organization of citizen-soldiers. 

The official date of organization for the Washington Artillery of New Orleans is September 7, 1838. This is only because that year is the earliest documented date associated with the unit that the United States War Department would concede when it accepted the Washington Artillery into the National Guard in 1909. But research now clearly proves that an organization of this name existed prior to 1838 (at least 1819) and may actually have roots all the way back to within the first ten years the founding of New Orleans in 1718. This latter date precedes even the birth of George Washington in 1732, for which the unit is named. So obviously the unit was known prior to Washington’s life by another name or series of different names. Despite this series of name changes, a line of transition appears clear, with a continuity of personnel ever since those early years.

This web site provides a pictorial history of the Washington Artillery of New Orleans. The first web pages on the left give in-depth information about the unit's heritage, origins, early years, commanders, and anecdotal stories.  Later pages serve as reference sources for Washington Artillery uniforms, badges, insignia, invitations, sheet music, photographs, and rosters.  Hopefully, this site will also reflect, not only on the written history of this historic organization, but will, through a series of personal stories and pictures, place faces to the men of the Washington Artillery. In this way, the reader may gain a different perspective on this unit’s history. Because history should reflect not just the names of battles and dates, but document what is often left unwritten-an insight into the common soldier’s hopes, dreams, and personal experiences. Hopefully, their own words will serve to enlighten the reader of facts and emotions not often written in the standard history book.

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